Rafting and active rest in the Carpathians

Rafting on Cheremosh

Rafting on Cheremosh is an extreme and safe kind of active recreation in the Carpathians. During the alloys you will overcome the most difficult thresholds of Black Cheremosh, you will master rowing on a catamaran and raft, learn how to correctly overcome water obstacles

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Congratulations to the heart of the Hutsul region!

Huzulschyna is an amazing land with picturesque nature, healing springs, original culture and fascinating legends. And it is not surprising that exactly here, it attracts tourists not only from Ukraine, but also from abroad. Regardless of what vacation you choose (winter or summer) there will always be something to look at.

Have you decided to have a rest in the Carpathians?

We offer you a comfortable rest in the village Krasnyck Verkhovyna district of Ivano-Frankivsk region on the banks of the Black Cheremosh river. At your service the Guest House «Krasny lug» for 8-10 places and the two-storey Guest House «Sofia» for 10-12 places. Rest with us guarantees a wonderful weekend or a weekend away from urban bustle and civilization, in an ecologically clean place, surrounded by mountains, the Carpathian Mountains, and pleasure of pristine nature.

We also offer you Active resting in the Carpathians - adrenaline, pleasant fatigue and adventures, memories you will happily share with your friends. At your request, we can offer and pick you a variety of excursions and types of rest.

Active resting
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